"Sitting With What Is" x The Silver Lining | the distilld

These past eight months have taught us that it’s crucial to be loud about issues that matter the most. They have taught us resilience. They have taught us the value of reaching out to others to make sure no one gets left behind.

"Sitting With What Is" x The Silver Lining | the distilld

These past eight months have taught us that it’s crucial to be loud about issues that matter the most. They have taught us resilience. They have taught us the value of reaching out to others to make sure no one gets left behind.

Below is a short discussion inspired by "Mental Health - Sitting With What Is" x The Silver Lining.

The pandemic has upended our lives in ways we never thought imaginable. Many are struggling with job uncertainties, keeping their work-life balance at home, and the current social confusion permeating every aspect of life.

In her article, Mental Health – Sitting With What Is, Claude Silver writes about what the young generation can teach us in coping with social issues. She also stresses the importance of resilience and constant communication in these isolating times.

Here’s what we can learn:

  • Be loud. One thing that we can learn from Gen Z and Millennials is to be vocal. We should call out social injustices when we see them, may it be about race, politics, or climate change, among others.
  • Be resilient. One thing that adversity teaches us is resilience. When we encounter hardships, we learn to adapt and overcome them.
  • Reach out. We can come out of these harrowing times together. We can do that by checking in with our friends and family as often as we can.

In these troubling times, being vocal and expressing our dissent has never been more crucial. We are facing different hardships all at once and though this can be overwhelming, we can learn to be resilient in the face of these hardships. To make sure that no gets left behind, we should also reach out to our family and friends.

the distilld lessons

Here are the distilld lessons inspired by "Sitting with What Is" x The Silver Lining.

Gen Z and Millennials teach us the importance of waking up and calling out social injustices. We see they’re loud in asking for a change that we need and deserve. We can join them in their cause to make what they’re fighting for stronger and more effective.

Gen Z and Millennials don’t care for labels. They understand that we have intrinsic differences, and they aren’t divisive unless we see them as such.

The young generation no longer wants to stand back and watch. They’re taking the lead to effect change and older generations can join in their cause.

Resilience is the ability to overcome adversity and grow from it. It allows us to adapt to changing times. Through resilience, we can keep a positive outlook during times of negativity. Through silence, we grow less fearful of an uncertain future.

Resilience is a typical response for people who experienced adversities. It’s a common coping skill, and it doesn’t necessitate extraordinary strength.

Resilience allows us to be more emotionally mature and optimistic. It also gives us a greater appreciation for life. In this time of confusion, it serves as a means of coping with days that have varying degrees of difficulty.  

Though resilience is a typical response to adversity, not everyone can develop it. Some have a harder time than us. This is why it’s important to check in on our loved ones as often as we can.

Tactile connections are a way for us to convey our emotions. Now that we can’t meet and touch each other due to health hazards, we’re one method short of communication.

We need to reach out to our friends and family members regularly. A short message or a quick call can help make sure that they’re doing alright despite the circumstances.

The lockdowns and stay-at-home orders virtually eliminated in-person interactions and placed many in isolation. When we reach out as often as we can, we can accompany them in what could be a lonely time for them.  

Applying It

  • Listen to young people. They offer new perspectives and practical ideas. Learning about what they think can help you imagine how the future will look like.
  • Join the youth in their battles. The younger generation is fighting for their rights as well as yours. Honor them by supporting their advocacies.
  • Don’t dread adversity. It’s messy and ugly, but you can prevail as it will teach you resilience. While it’s difficult to see the good side, remind yourself that difficult times aren’t permanent, and they can be sources of valuable life lessons.
  • Lend a hand. It can be a to a friend, colleague, or family member. We all have different tolerance levels to adversity and by offering help, we can lessen the load others are carrying.
  • Keep in touch with your friends and family. Communication is more urgent at this time of isolation. Jump on a call or message them how they’re doing. Something as small as a call from you might be what lifts their spirits.

For a more in depth conversation, the distilld lessons (extended) are here.


The Silver Lining

Hosted by Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia, The Silver Lining podcast features a collection of exploratory thoughts and discussions, where we're encouraged to tap into our emotions and our capacity for leadership from the heart. The distilld lessons are here.

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